The first Big Conversation will begin sometime after September with the second one starting in January 2016. As these unfold we will be able to add material to this section with relevant stories and statistics.

A multi dimensional measurement of this project will be conducted. This will include:

  • the number of people who take part in the project
  • the variety of mechanisms engaged with
  • the number and scope of questions logged
  • the number of formal discussions held
  • the number of stakeholder initiatives that come out of this process
  • a well being matrix

With regard to the well being matrix a measurement of a cross section of the community should be taken at the start of the project and at the end.

People’s charter

During the latter stages of The Big Conversation focus should be given to the writing of a meaningful People’s Charter.
This charter should be an expression of that which has been expressed and discussed during the Big Conversation.
This charter will only mean something if it is owned by the community.