Why run The Big Conversation

The aim of the Big Conversation is to make a positive difference in the lives of all those in your local community.

Not everyone has a difficult life but for those that do The Big Conversation offers an opportunity for people to gather together and change their current situation. There are no guaranteed methodologies to bring about the conditions that encourage human and community flourishing. We need each other and so The Big Conversation is a simple mechanism to encourage those in a community to talk and, hopefully together, with the help of stakeholders and other agencies, discover the way forward to a better place.

To run a Big Conversation in your community could be hard work. But with so many in a community riddled with pain, this is an opportunity for us to make a difference.

Your community has many competing narratives, some untold, in facilitating The Big Conversation a new future can be written.

The Big Conversation creates space between the pull of consumerism and the pressure of politics for people to breath, express what they think, talk about it and then facilitate meaningful changes.